Board and Committees

CHTN's Board of Directors

John Murphy, Past President

Catherine Crowder, President

Amy Bruzzichesi, Vice President

Greg Stivland, Treasurer

Meredith Ball, Secretary

Tracy Calla, Member at Large

Heather Kelejian, Member at Large

Marcia Lilley, Member at Large

Kayla Thomas, Member at Large


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Community Engagement: This committee manages CHTN's membership and communications functions to engage both members and future members in the events and activities of CHTN.  Community Engagement committee members recruit and retain members; manage member information; and develop and maintain both written and visual communication for both internal and external audiences.


Professional Development Committee: This committee plans and produces educational and networking events for CHTN's membership. Professional Development Committee members are responsible for managing the annual conference, and also create a number of in-person and virtual events, workshops, and discussion groups throughout the year. 


Governance Committee: This committee includes the Board of Directors as well as the Finance sub-committee, and is the decision-making body of CHTN.  Members of this committee are elected by the general membership and are responsible for the internal operations of CHTN. This includes development of procedures and budgets with input from the other committees, managing legal and reporting requirements, and maintenance of CHTN's official records.